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We take you on a journey from where Napier came from to the being the Art Deco capital of the world. We take you to a range of unique sites in a comfortable 8 passenger mini-couch - complete with entertaining and informative commentary from a Hawkes Bay local. Choose from one of our cost effective tours below:


We can create a customized tour just for your company or group that takes into account your individual needs and unique preferences or budget - and is suitable for larger groups if required.

Talk to us today about what you want. We also have a huge range of suggestions and options to choose from.



2 hours | $65pp

Learn the history of Napier and how Napier became the Art Deco Capital of the world.

Rebuilt after a 1931 earthquake, the city is known for Art Deco landmarks. Along the tree-lined waterfront promenade called the Marine Parade, the Pania of the Reef statue depicting a Maori maiden, is a symbol of the city. Sightseeing at nerby Ahuriri and Bluff Hill Lookout.

NOTE: Both the Napier Discover and Sights & Tastes tours can be completed in one day. The full day experience includes both tours and lunch.
Total price: $170pp




3 hours | $85pp

Get to see the sights and experience the tastes of Hawkes Bay while learning about its rich history and culture.

Visit Atea a Rangi Star Compass and learn how to navigate with the stars. Travel the Tukituki river valley and experience Te Mata Peak. Visit the Mission Eastate Winery, the oldest winery in New Zealand, established in 1851. Tastings at Arataki Honey and, if time permits, indulge in figs, cheese and chocolates.

NOTE: Both the Napier Discover and Sights & Tastes tours can be completed in one day. The full day experience includes both tours and lunch.
Total price: $170pp




Every aspect of our tours are well thought out with you in mind. Far from being 'yet another tour', we pride ourselves on having created something unique and exciting that will forever be a treasured memory of your time spent in our lovely country.

Book a tour today, or contact us for more information. We can't wait to show you around our home and to let you discover the special places we have grown up in and love.

T: 0800 42 86 87


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